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Want to keep your property safe and looking its best?  Performed by professionals, our tree trimming services are economical.  Need to deal with a damaged tree?  An emergency can arise at any time, so we’re ready to serve Burbank homes and businesses with a prompt dispatch 24 hours a day.  Our special expertise includes pruning and trimming, large tree removal services, and stump removal.

A winter storm or vehicle accident can severely damage a tree at any time.  And problems such as splitting crotches and diseases can suddenly worsen.  We’ll arrive quickly anywhere in and around Burbank with all the training and equipment needed to remove the immediate threat to structures and vehicles.  Our experts will then stabilize and rescue the tree whenever possible, and otherwise provide emergency tree removal services

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Tree Trimming

Our pruning and trimming experts will carefully examine the health and shape of the tree before starting work.  For most species common to Burbank tree trimming services should be done during the dormant fall or winter season.  But flowering should be trimmed just after blossoming and palm tree trimming should be performed when they start to produce seeds.

Annual trimming is important in the first 5 years or so in order to establish an attractive shape and structural balance.  But trees don’t keep getting bigger forever so mature trees can be pruned less often, primarily for hazard reduction.

Our experts carefully shorten and remove branches, keeping the safety of pedestrians, vehicles, and adjacent structures in mind.  The crown is the upper part of the tree, consisting of branches and foliage.  They can raise the crown for clearance, or provide crown reduction by removing as many as 1/4 of the branches.  That’s done for letting in more light and air, reducing wind loading, and for improving structural balance.  In addition to utility trimming to clear power lines, our tree trimming service also removes diseased or dead wood.

Tree Removal

We would prefer to save every tree possible, but sometimes our tree removal service is the best path forward.  That could be due to storm damage, disease, overcrowding, poor maintenance, or simply age.  Large tree removal is especially difficult, but we have all the skills and equipment needed to protect surrounding landscaping and buildings.  After our cleanup we haul everything away and either recycle or properly dispose of it.

As in most California cities Burbank has codes concerning the removal and replacement of trees above certain heights and trunk diameters.  We stay up to date on regulations and will take care of approvals and permits for you.  

Stump Grinding and Tree Removal

We include the option of stump removal in our tree removal pricing.  Otherwise you’re left with an annoyance and hazard.  They get in the way of mowing, limit your landscaping, pose a tripping hazard, and attract termites and other insects.  Left alone they take years or even decades to decay.  And even with harsh chemicals it’s months or years before they’re down to ground level.

Our stump grinding equipment removes them down to 20 inches underground in a matter of an hour or two.  That frees the area for just about any gardening or landscaping.  You can use the resulting wood chips as mulch, or we’ll be happy to haul it away.  So let us know if you have an existing stump you would like to have removed.

Palm Tree Skinning and Pruning

More like a giant grass than a tree, palms have different health and structural needs.  Our specialists can schedule trimming before those dangerous fronds start to fall.  And before seeds ripen, fall, and create a staining slippery mess.  They’re also skilled at palm skinning for the classic Southern California manicured look.

Choose Rancho Tree Care

We’ve been in the tree care business for over 28 years, building a solid reputation through fair pricing and technical expertise.  We also provide brush clearing and other services.  Our experts, armed with extensive training and advanced equipment pay attention to safety and tree health details others often overlook.  Family owned and operated we’re BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited.